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As a full-service audio visual production provider, EPiQVision provides clients with a suite of customizable, comprehensive A/V packages and à la carte equipment rentals that complement any event at any venue. Our extensive inventory of A/V equipment inlcudes sound & speaker systems, lights & rigging equipment, video monitors, projectors and screens.



Our extensive inventory of video equipment allows us to produce a custom A/V solution that caters to your special event. We understand that a wedding reception requires a different technical production plan than a conference or corporate event. We select the appropriate technology for your event so your message is delivered effectively. We offer projectors, appropriately sized screens, and a projector remote to facilitate a smooth, effortless presentation. Our associates familiarize clients with all technologies prior to your event to ensure a comfortable and confident facilitation, and they will remain available throughout the function for transitions and additional support.


From a two-speaker sound package to a surround-sound theatre experience, our sound system package is flexible and easily customized to suit your needs. Our associates will design the best audio solution to fill your event space with evenly distributed sound. An audio mixer is included so sound can be quickly adjusted during the event.


Our unique lighting packages create an extraordinary ambiance. Podium and table pinspots, colourful uplights, and intelligent club-style lighting are just a few of our lighting design options. Combining advanced A/V event technologies, rigging, and unique lighting design, our lighting associates create scenes that are visually stimulating and memorable.


For corporate clients, we offer a variety of meeting and event services. This includes desktop computers, LCD monitors, webcams, and audio visual systems integration to ensure clients can quickly attend to business demands.

Perfect to meet the audio-visual equipment requirements of a an annual general meeting, or an executive meeting at a corporate conference. The EPiQVision Business Package offers all audio visual components for an office suite, accessible for any professional.


We offer full-service audio-visual solutions, video, sound, and lighting equipment rentals for your corporate or special event. Items include: lights and rigging, audio equipment (amplifiers, consoles, mixers, microphones, etc.), video screens & monitors, projectors, and more.


EPiQVision always looks to the future when developing its business and adding to its technology offering. We understand that as part of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, all establishments and service providers must be able to accommodate for the needs of individuals with disabilities by 2025. As well, associates must be trained in providing customer service, developing policies, and implementing practices that adequately service these individuals.

To accommodate event participants who are hearing impaired, EPiQVision has partnered with Sennheiser as an exclusive provider of the Headphone Assistive Listening System for use at any event. Our associates are trained to assess the audio-visual needs of these individuals and prepare the Assistive Listening System for use. They will provide support to participants using this service throughout the event.

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EPiQ Exclusive Service

For our venue partners, EPiQVision recognizes that the guest experience extends beyond exceptional service to include ambiance and aesthetics as well. To assist in creating a distinct and unforgettable environment for guests, EPiQVision offers to install and maintain a Micro-Mist Diffusion System to disburse a customized scent created by your venue. As part of this service, EPiQVision will ensure that the Micro-Mist Diffusion System will blend effortlessly with the interior design of the venue. Once installed, our team will program the diffusion system on a weekly cycle and adjust the intensity or frequency of the micro-mist at the venue’s request. EPiQVision will also maintain and update the machines for the term of our relationship with the venue.

To create your customize scent, we have partnered with esteemed Master Alchemist, Tracy Pepe. Beginning her career in the “Scent World” over 27 years ago, Tracey has mastered the art of developing complex and inspiring scents for any brand, in any environment.

Pepe's professional thinking can be found at her corporate blog Scented Spaces 

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